TV and Internet: The New Nanny

Published: 14th October 2010
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Television and internet technology are most influential media entertainment these days. Parents need to adjust with their discipline methods in order to ensure their kidís safety when they use and view shows or site. Kids watch television as early and even before they start going to school. Internet technology is already accessible these days and even one of home entertainment, the subject of kidís security and safety is at risks.

And getting into television and other forms of electronic media hinders the kidís social development. This prevents the kids to explore and interact with other people and their environment. As kid gets older, their television time also increases and it can hinder their physical activities such as playing, doing homework and spending time with friends and family.

But with proper moderation, television and other forms of media can help the children to learn about educational shows and keep up with the currents events. This is a good form of entertainment and education. It can also offer disadvantages and this may include:

ē Kids who watch television shows more than four hours a day are likely to be overweight.
ē Television and movie shows can greatly affect the kidís behavior where those who watch violent shows more often will tend to manifest aggressive behavior and scary will often lead them to fear something.
ē Television may also teach children some risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drug addiction and a lot more.

To make television viewing and internet technology more effective and productive for kids, parents should:

-Limit the number of hours that the kids are allowed to watch television and use the internet.
-Place television and computer at a room where other educational supplies are located.
-Television set should not be place at the bedrooms.
-Television should be off during meal time.
-Kids should not be allowed to watch television while doing homework.
-Established television rules and time limit.
-Create alternative ways and activities for children to enjoy.

With new technologies that are indulging kids to engage into while hindering them to develop their physical and social aspect of life. Parents should enforce and implement strict rules that will discipline the kids on how and when to use the internet technology and television as media entertainment at home.

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